1) When you arrive you can either call me at 414-350-1515 or dial 105 on the directory to let me know you have arrived. Please do not text to let me know you have arrived  

2) Please try to arrive on time. Everyone gets a 15 minute grace period but anything past that might incur a cancellation with cancellation fees involved. If you are running late please call. You might be able to keep the appointment but just with changes.  

3) Cancellations need to be made 48 hours in advance to avoid $35 cancellation fee.   

4) Please keep guests to a minimum. Your service is being provided in a small private suite that is a comfortable space for the stylist and the client. In order to keep the environment comfortable and workable I ask that guest stay in the waiting area.  

5) No children unless being serviced. You will not be able to pick up/hold your child or take breaks to take them to the bathroom. This also can be a safety hazards as there are hot tools and the floors can get slippery from hair and products.  

6) No children under the age of 6. If your child is under the age of 6 or extremely sensitive to hair styles then a consultation is needed first. If your child is not able to sit or gets really upset (crying, screaming, kicking) then the service will not be able to be performed. Plan on staying with your child during the entire service.   

7) Hair must be taken down from previous style unless scheduled for me to do this for you. Hair must be free from all tangles and matting to avoid additional charges

8) Please make sure that you eat your meal before you arrive. Snacks and beverages (with min smell) are allowed but please try to avoid bringing in huge meals and ordering food.   

9) Please be sure to schedule all services needed ahead of time. Everyone is scheduled for a certain amount of time and add ons take more time so to be sure I have enough time to complete all services needed please be sure to schedule ahead of time.   

10) Consultations are not required but strongly encouraged. I will answer questions over text and phone but if there are a lot of questions being asked you might be asked to come in for a consultation.


11) All prices can be found online at These are all starting prices and can increase based on hair texture, thickness, length , and the amount of products used. If you want to know exactly how much your hair will cost then you will need to come in for a consultation.  


12) Last minute appointments can be available, but you must be as flexible as possible. I will not move around my schedule for last minute appointments as this is not fair to the clients who scheduled ahead of time. In the event of an emergency please call and I can try to make special accommodations.

 13) No last minute appointment changes. For example if you are scheduled for a sew in you will not be able to come in and change to a silk press. This will incur a cancellation fee for the service since I had extra time blocked off for the initial service scheduled.   

14) If you are not satisfied with the service provided you have 72 hours to notify me and I will use discretion case by case  

15) Some services may require a deposit. You will be notified when booking if your service will require a deposit. This can be sent through cash app, venmo, zelle, or over the phone (extra fee added for phone payment). 

16) Please do not ask me for a discount or “hook up”. Discounts can be earned with client referrals. If you fall on hard times or have multiple heads in the household that are being services please talk to me so we can try to work something out.   

17) Be sure to get a good nights sleep before your appointment. Its very hard and sometimes impossible to provide services to a sleeping client whose head is falling all over the place.   

18) Cell phone use is allowed but I ask that you keep the conversation volume low and if you text please make sure not to keep your head down while being serviced. You may have to bring the phone to your face to keep your head steady.   

19) Adult beverages are allowed for relaxation but are not to be abused or overused in the salon.


20) Absolute Glam Salon wants to make sure that you are comfortable while you are being serviced so cold water is provided as well as free wi-fi and the ability to watch tv, Netflix, or hulu. Or you can relax and listen to music of your choice.